Outdoor patio lights and string lights for your campground or patio

Outdoor patio lights and string lights for your campground or patio

Outdoor patio lights and string lights for your campground or patio

Are you looking for the best Outdoor String Lights for Camping and Patio decor? I’ll share with you the best solar fairy lights, camping rope lights, or just outdoor string lights that will add so much detail to your patio this Summer.

Outdoor lighting is such a fun way to bring a beautiful and functional look to your backyard. It looks gorgeous and I love the look of string lights when it’s dark outside. If you live on the farm and the stars are always so bright at night so it’s fun to add some string lights to the patio.

Entertaining and having guests over is something that is super fun for family, I always like to make sure the outside patio area and backyard are ready for people. One of the ways I do this is by having the best outdoor string lights for camping that can also be used on your patio for decor.

You can hang heavy duty outdoor string lights on your pergola. The most common way to display low voltage string lights is to hang them on the top beams of your pergola. You can use outdoor string lights for camping and for really any kind outdoor event you are having.

outdoor string light for wedding

Let me give you some examples of where you can use heavy duty outdoor string lights and solar string lights.

  • Hanging on the top and side poles of your pergola. Two popular ways you can string patio lights is in a wave motion so they look even, or you can wrap them around whatever pole or beam you are using.
  • Around the balcony poles on your deck. If you don’t have a huge yard or patio area but just a small balcony doesn’t worry you can still spruce it up with outdoor string lights.
  • You can display outdoor string lights for camping when you are out in the mountains with your family for the weekend. We love camping and spending time in the outdoors. It’s always fun to deck out your camping spot. We love to make it cute and fun to spend time in. The perfect way to do that is with an outdoor camping string light. You can hang camping rope lights in so many places around your camping spot. 
    • Between trees as long as they aren’t too far apart
    • Wrapped around tree trunks
    • Hanging from your canopy that you use for the outdoor cooking
    • Hanging from the shade awning
    • Even just hanging from the side of your trailer
    • The inside of your tent on the top ceiling area
  • If you have an outdoor pool or hot tub you love spending nights in this is the perfect spot for heavy duty outdoor string lights to be hung above. It creates a small amount of light that you can enjoy while you are relaxing.
  • Or if you have an outdoor dining area like we, do we spend our summer nights around the fire and have a table with a large umbrella. It looks really cute to hang string lights around the pole of your umbrella.
And also share best solar fairy lights, solar string lights with remote options, best camping string lights, and low voltage string lights.

So that you can add the perfect details to your Summer BBQ’s and family camping trips.

How do you hang string lights when camping?

You can hang string lights while camping using cup hooks, or plastic light clips. They are the perfect option for temporary lighting. If the outdoor light strings are something that will be permanent or long term you will want to use something easy or short term to hang them. How do you light a campsite?

I listed above all the places you can hang your outdoor camping lights strings. If you hang them in multiple areas in your campsite it will bring you a lot of light.

What is the best way to light a patio?

The best way to light up a patio is by using heavy duty outdoor string lights. They are great for all kinds of weather conditions. A lot of them are water and wind proof.
So let me go over the very best camping string lights and patio string lights for you.
patio string light
I’ve also seen these outdoor string lights used in outdoor wedding which I think is super cute. If you or someone you know is having an outdoor backyard wedding this is a great way to add some cute lighting.
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