Why Choose Lightdot Led Flat Panel Light?

Why Choose Lightdot Led Flat Panel Light?

Different areas or places often choose different styles and types of LED panel lights. From different angles, LED panel lights can be divided into the following categories:

1. From the way of lighting

  • The back-lit panel light.
  • It is designed with a reasonable LED spacing by using the LED light-emitting angle, and with the diffuser plate and the height of the lamp to achieve the ideal light mixing effect. Emphasis on high brightness, 595*595 specifications can reach 4000lm, high light efficiency products, replace the traditional grille light panel. Thicker, usually more than 45mm thick. The light output is relatively uniform, and the brightness uniformity can reach more than 0.9. The process requirements are relatively simple.
  • The side-emitting (edge-lit) panel light. it uses the light guide plate technology to design the dots of the light guide plate according to the arrangement of the lamp beads of the LED lamp board and the light-emitting angle of the led chips so that the light can pass through the light guide plate to achieve the effect of uniform brightness. The brightness is low, generally within 3000lm with 595*595 specifications; it can be used on some occasions with low ceilings. Thinner, the thickness is within 15mm. The surface uniformity is poor, and the brightness uniformity is up to 0.85. If it is not handled well, there will be obvious bright edges around it. The cleanliness of the workshop is required to be high, the process control is not good, and the yield rate is low (mainly due to dust causing bright spots in the light guide plate).

2. From an installation ways

  • Recessed LED panel light. This is the most basic and conventional panel light, and the market demand is the largest. Mainly installed on the ceiling, it blends well with the building.
  • Surface-mounted LED panel light. It is suitable for installation in places where it is not easy to install holes, such as the top of the cement ceiling. Conventional side-emitting panel lights are usually used with independent surface-mounted conversion frames. The back-illuminated panel light can choose an integrated surface-mounted lamp body.
  • Suspension-mounted LED panel light. With a wire hanging rope, the panel light can be used as a hanging wire for installation.

3. From functional choices

  • Dimmable LED panel light. It is mainly matched with a dimming LED driver (change the driver of the LED panel light to a dimming LED driver, and it can become a dimming LED panel light). There are three conventional dimming solutions: Triac dimmable, 0/1-10V dimmable, 
  • Waterproof LED panel light. It generally adopts a special lamp structure, and at the same time adds a waterproof rubber ring, and is equipped with a waterproof outlet connector and power supply to prevent moisture from entering the interior of the lamp body. The waterproof grades are generally IP44, IP54, IP65, and IP68. Usually suitable for special places such as toilets, toilets, laboratories, bathrooms, etc.

What wattages and dimensions do panel lights have?

Different sizes of LED panel lights generally have different wattages. The specific options are as follows.



1200x300mm (4ftx1ft)

1200x600mm (4ftx2ft)


30W 36W 40W 45W 48W 60W

30W 36W 40W 45W 48W

50W 60W 80W 96W 120W

Note 1: Backlit panel light will be available to do higher wattages than edge-lit panel light in the same sizes.

Why choose Lightdot  led flat panel light?

Please kindly check the below 2X2 led flat panel light details.

2x2 led light fixture, ceiling light fixtures

2x4 led Flat Panel Light LED Panel Lights

led flat panel light Specifications

wattage 55W
equivalent 250w fluorescent tubes
Dimensions 2x2 FT
luminous 8000LM
Color temperature 3000K/4000K/5000K 3CCT
Installation method recessed or drop ceiling installation
Packaging method Multi-layer anti-collision packaging
voltage range 100-277V

About this item

  • Commercial Standards & IC Rated 💡 2x2 led office shop light * 4 Pack
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE & QUALITY 💡 Our LED flat panel light is an innovative alternative fixture, smoothly dimming and compatible with 0-10V dimmers. No flashing, No noise. Smooth PMMA cover with uniformity perfect light distribution, and will not turn black with long-term use. Ideal applications include commercial office buildings, shop retail locations, showrooms, schools, healthcare facilities, warehouses, and garages.
  • 3CCT Selectable 💡 This led panel light fixtures come with a CCT switch, 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K can be selected. No need to be entangled with choosing color temperature, you can switch it freely. (Note: We only need 3CCT for r everyday usage) Professional electricians from the Lightdot team suggest that 3CCT can meet any office or shop lighting requirements.
  • Modern Design & Energy Saving 💡 2x2 drop ceiling panel light adopts the latest generation of LED chips and technology, CRI>90 55W with 8000 lumens which are equal to 300W halogen light, saving 85% of your energy costs.

2x2FT LED Flat Panel Light 5000K

CRI90 3CCT 3000K/4000K/5000K Dimmable 0-10V, 8000LM
Dimmable 0-10V 2x2 led Flat Panel Light
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