Top 6 Surprising Benefits of UFO LED High Bay Lights

Top 6 Surprising Benefits of UFO LED High Bay Lights

Large spaces need clear and bright light to ensure optimum performance and maximum coverage. The UFO high bay light is a modern solution developed to satisfy the needs of large spaces such as warehouses, conference halls, loading docks, factories, garages, shopping malls, event centers, gymnasiums, manufacturing facilities, etc. With their outstanding efficacy and long life, these LED solutions are ideal for indoor ceiling heights ranging between 15ft. and 25ft. UFO LED high bay light solutions are manufactured to eliminate the long warm-up times associated with high-intensity discharge fixtures such as high-pressure sodium or metal halide lamps. With high bay lights, you can generate a positive aura within your facility and enjoy a well-lit space. Keep reading to see how you can benefit immensely from UFO high bay light.

What are the Benefits of Using UFO High Bay Lights for Vast Indoor and Outdoor Spaces?

UFO high bay light fittings have many benefits compared to fluorescent, metal, halide, and other traditional high bay lights. In recent years, they have become the dominant choice in industrial, commercial, and large establishments. Because of their many benefits, most commercial and industrial owners are precisely and quickly switching to UFO LED High Bay Light fixtures. Here are some of the benefits of this incredible lighting solution.
UFO LED High Bay Light

Energy Efficiency

UFO LED high bay light consumes less energy to generate the same lumens when compared to other lighting solutions. The standard wattages for HID lights range from 200 to 1000 watts, which are higher when compared to high bay lights ranging from 95 to 495 watts. With LED lights, you are guaranteed significant cost savings of about 70%. You can also save on utility costs if you repair your UFO bay light fittings with intelligent sensors. Installing these lights is also great for the planet and your company's bottom line.

Installation is Seamless

The UFO LED high bay light solutions are easy to install with the help of hanging rings that come with the lighting. You can also use a hook to mount the lights on your ceiling. To ensure everything goes well, check the manufacturer's manual's recommended hanging or bracket installation method before proceeding with your installation process. 

Durability and Long Life

Unlike fluorescent lights and CFL, UFO LED high bay light fixtures are incredibly durable to withstand abuse associated with a busy workplace or manufacturing facility. These lighting solutions are also popular because of their maintenance-free functionality for about 50,000 hours. Their impact-resistant tempered glass and sturdy black powder coat construction protects these lighting fixtures from damage caused by heat, water, corrosion, heavy dust, and other challenging weather conditions. They are also more difficult to break or shutter and therefore do not need frequent replacements.

Enhanced Safety

The UFO high bay light fixtures are superior to HID lighting solutions regarding safety because they do not emit or generate mercury, UV rays, or heat. Therefore, it is easier to keep the facility cool, which can be difficult when working with traditional lighting fixtures such as fluorescent, metal halide, high-pressure sodium fixtures, and HID. The UFO LED high bay light also emits soft light energy, making it safe for your eye vision. These lighting solutions do not flicker like other lighting fixtures, making them perfect for applications subjected to recurrent on-off cycling.

Even Distribution of Light

UFO high bay light evenly distributes light on the surface and delivers superior performance and quality you can count on. With their multi-point design, you are assured of greater visibility in every corner of your ample indoor or outdoor space when using UFO high bay light. With this even and hassle-free lighting, worker productivity and safety are optimized, leaving no room for dissatisfaction and frustration.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Everyone wants to enhance the appearance of their business or home. That is why people always look for beautiful décor items and modern design ideas. UFO LED high bay light fixtures can help improve your facility's beauty and appearance. A brightly lit warehouse, manufacturing space, or event center will attract customers to your facility and make them feel safe. With UFO high bay light solution, you are assured of LED lights that generate more lumens of light, leaving your ample space shining brighter.

For most warehouses, shops, and industrial facilities, lighting is a significant fixed overhead cost for building managers and business owners. UFO LED high bay light fixtures are commonly installed in these extensive facilities because of their tremendous lighting output and easy installation. The UFO high bay light fixtures are manufactured for greater visibility, low maintenance, and greater efficiency. In addition, they comply with stringent domestic, industrial, and commercial standards. They are also available in different sizes, shapes, color temperatures, and lumen outputs to guarantee a uniform and wide light distribution throughout your facility. Enhance the lighting of your large indoor or outdoor space today by investing in the UFO LED high bay light solution today.

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