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What is a shoebox light and how to buy?

What is a shoebox light and how to buy?

Why is it called shoebox lights?

Lighting has a habit of getting nicknames based on what they look like. Such as corn bulbs, UFO high bays and shoebox lights.  All named after what they look like and nothing about the light.

As old parking lot lights need to be replaced, many complex owners are choosing LED shoebox lights due to greater energy efficiency and long-term cost savings. The new models include some major improvements. There is newer technology for better heatsinks that dissipates heat smoothly.  This has allowed higher efficiency LEDs to be used.  Some of the newest models are getting 140- 180 lumens to watt.  Most lights have 0-10v dimming and therefore allow a large amount of control.  This light typically ranges from 40 to 300 watts but can replace 1,000 watt high-intensity discharge (HID) bulbs. Here are some important points to remember when considering these lights.

1. Led Driver 

Each LED light is equipped with a driver.   The driver is the most critical part of an LED light.  It does most of the work and is the number one failure point.

An LED driver is a self-contained power supply converting common AC at 110-277volts into useable dc power for the LEDs.   LEDs work off of direct current and thus require a converter.   Giving consistent, clean power to an LED is the key to a long life.

Why do you care?  LED drivers are much more important than you think in light quality and longevity.   A good driver and high power factor improves lumens to watt and ensures you get 20 plus years of use out of your lights. 

2.Mounting Types

Arm Mounting
Arm type LED lights are the cleanest looking.  They typically have two bolts, top and bottom.   While they look better, they are the least flexible. 

Slip Mounting
A slip fit mount or slip fitter, is a mount that goes over a standard 2 3/8 inch lighting pole.  The big advantage of slip fitters is the ability to angle the light back in where you need it. Whether mounting horizontal or vertical it opens up a lot of choices.  Especially with Led Sport Court lights you are going to want slip fitter.

3.Led diffuser

A LED diffuser is a something that is designed specifically to diffuse and brake light evenly into the place. It will help with reducing hot spots and glare that all lights produce.

A diffuser can be glass, acrylic or polycarbonate.  Typically they are polycarbonate and  come in the form of a flat sheet, or little bubbles over each LED.  The bubbles are actually optical grade diffusers to reduce glare and hold up longer.   Most Shoebox lights will have a polycarbonate diffuser because they are pointed down, away from direct sunlight.

How to Buy LED Parking Lot Lights 

1. Determine the lumens you need. Its lumens not watts.  According to your space and Illumination demand, choose different lumens lights and quantity.

2.  The type of facility and the amount of wattage needed for output
3. Consider if you need a photocell or not.   Dusk to dawn sensors on the light help conserve energy.
4. Check the mounting ways,see above.

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