Advantages & Disadvantage of Led Recessed Lighting

Advantages & Disadvantage of Led Recessed Lighting

Prior consider choosing recessed lighting or recessed light conversion kit apparently important to know the advantage and disadvantages through the best-recessed light conversion kit is an attractive form of lighting that is installed flush with a surface.

Advantages of Led Recessed Lighting

Shine with Soft Glow

In the past days, most homeowners liked to highlight architectural design or painting and sculpture in and around the home to maintain cultural heritage. They could not even think lighting can create more than better significance. Most likely, they think installing light only objects to focus on. Nowadays, the best-recessed light conversion kit not only maintains aristocracy but creates shine with Soft Glow at home stylish atmosphere.

Illusion of more Space

Recessed downlighting focuses not like the other lighting system, the important criteria is that it creates the illusion of more space in the room. While recessed light conversion kits switch on lights produce a soft, subtle glow, which creates the shape of the boundaries of the room and the space appears larger than it actually has in layout. Also, the recessed ceiling lighting fixtures give the sense of a higher ceiling, while the best-recessed light conversion kit in corners makes the room appear more open. In addition, recessed light conversion kit built-in stable and stylist as home decor.


The weight of the recessed lighting is remarkably low in the nature of a complete set. Wall and ceiling fitting recessed lights are trivial enough that they do not have to be secured directly to ceiling joists or wall studs. They virtually fix up with a little support besides the housing canister, baffle and trim constrained within the lighting kit. Due to low weight, the unit of recessed lighting conversion kit can be moved or replaced anywhere in your house or from one place to another easily without taking any hassle.

Widely use & Efficient

Recessed lighting using options are versatile and efficient in nature also allows you to see what you are doing more clearly. In addition, recessed light conversion kits have dimming effects that are easy to control and you can install these lights in the media room and dim the lights to view movies. In spite of that, you can install the light in a bedroom, kitchen, or bath to provide a large amount of light into a room. Furthermore, either way, these lights are versatile and highly sought after by many homeowners.

Warm atmosphere

Everyone of the users positively like the congenial atmosphere at home and office or guest house or any other premises where they used to live or pass time required and demanded. Recessed lighting is very much useful and versatile in terms of what can be done with light itself. The soft glow focus of recessed lights can be adjusted to provide either pleasant ambient lighting or accent or spotlighting as circumstances required. Whereas other types of lighting systems can not be provided such an advantage. Best Recessed light conversion kit also can be used for virtually any indoor/outdoor lighting application and comes in a variety of shapes, colors, and finishes.

Disadvantages of canless lighting

While you consider choosing Recessed lighting, you may face a few minor disadvantages that are very simple. But for your proper information and guidance, these are shared below:

Cost effective

 Other than the traditional light fixture, the recessed lighting conversion kit cost may be higher and cost-effective. Depending on the types of recessed lights conversion kits, the cost of bulbs and installation also can be more expensive pampered to a traditional fixture.


Whether the recessed lighting conversion kit is being installed into the ceiling and must be needed to create holes into the drywall large enough for fixing, therefore, it might be more difficult to install than the traditional fixture.

Bulbs: Recessed light bulbs are smaller and differently shaped than traditional light bulbs and changing the light bulb may be troublesome, since there is a small space within the housing to rotate the bulb in and out of the socket.


Once the recessed light conversion kit has been installed permanently, you cannot move it. While you change the layout of the room, the lighting will remain in the same position, which may not suit your new layout. Safety: Safety is the priority and Insulation Contact (IC) rated light will not be a safety risk. But, lights that are not IC-rated may create heat, which can lead to fires since recessed lighting is installed so that the housing is in contact with home insulation.

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