Best LED Shop Lights for Workshop

Best LED Shop Lights for Workshop

Q:I offen need to work long time in workshop, do you have bright light suitable for workshop?
A:As there is much work for staff in workshop, brightness is a key factor.

We recommend LED shop lights. LED shop lights, also known as LED garage lights, are frequently used in shops, garages, Basement and other places. They are also very effective in workshop.

Why Choose LED Shop Lights for Workshop

If you are thinking of installing LED shop lights in your workshop or toolhouse, it will definitely be the most suitable.

1.Affordable prices. Price is a very important factor when buying, and the price of LED shop lights are very affordable. The 2pack 50W 4ft LED shop lights are priced at $55.99, and if you buy a 4 pack, it is $76.99. You may also receive Energy Star Rebates.

2.Energy Saving. LED shop lights have high efficiency and low energy consumption. Using Lightdot 50W LED shop lights as an example, it is equivalent to a 300W fluorescent tube, saving 60% on the electricity bill.

4ft shop light for workshop
3.Easy installation. As the installation of LED shop light is very simple, it is possible to install it yourself at home. Of course, taking safety issues into consideration, installation by professionals is the most appropriate. The specific installation method can be found in the third part of the article. 

4.Maintenance cost reduction. LED shop lights generally have a long life, so they don't need to be replaced as often as before.  Lightdot LED Shop lights also come with a 5-year warranty, so you don't have to worry about any usage issues anytime soon.  


How to Install 4ft LED Shop Lights?

There are only 4 simple steps to successfully install LED shop lights in your workshop. For details,  check the installation instraction to learn more.

How Many LED Shop Lights Shoud I Install in Workshop?

If you want to calculate how many LED shop lights you need to install in the shop, you first need to know the illumination required to illuminate the shop.  Determine the size and installation height of the workshop, and then calculate how many lights are needed to meet the lighting requirements according to the parameters of the lights.  And Lightdot can provide the layout pattern for free according to the dimension.

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