How to choose the Led Garage Lights?

How to Choose the LED Garage Lights?

Your garage must have sound and plenty of lighting, whether you use it for storage purposes or as a workshop.  

Led Garage Lights You May Like



Lightdot  2FT 150W led Linear high bay shop light



Lightdot 8ft linear strip light 

Which style light can use as LED Garage Lights?

High Bay Lights

High bay lights are an ideal choice for garages with high ceilings, usually over 15 feet in height. They can be suspended from the ceiling with the assistance of a hook, pendant, or chain or may be mounted directly to the ceiling. You may choose from among different wattages according to the height of your garage ceilings.

100W UFO Led high bay light
150W Led UFO high bay light
200W high bay led light
250W high bay shop light
150W Led linear high bay light

LED Shop Lights

Led shop light come in tubular shapes and can be suspended from the ceiling by chain or rope or mounted directly to the ceiling.  They usually come with a wire that plugs directly into a wall outlet, so you don't have to figure out how to hardwire the light to your electrical system.  

Led Ceiling Lights

Led Ceiling light such as led recessed light and led flat panel light that may be installed throughout your home, even in small spaces with low ceilings. They have a circular shape and are usually meant for decorative purposes, making them the perfect choice for other common areas around your home, such as hallways, patios, and offices.

How Many Lumens Your Garage Needs?

The number of lumens your garage needs depends on the dimensions of the space you want to illuminate, the natural lighting conditions of the garage, and the type of lighting fixtures you use.  Light output is measured and listed in lumens, typically 50 lumens per square foot for ambient lighting, 300 lumens per square foot for mission lighting, and 75 lumens per square foot for focus lighting.  

Learn what wattage and how many lights  may be right for your garage - contact Lightdot Lighting today and we would be happy to provide a free layout pattern depending on your installation space dimension.
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