What's the Advantage and Disadvantage of recessed lighting?

Advantage and Disadvantage of recessed lighting?

Recessed light, also known as a can light, are described as metal light housings installed in the ceiling for a sleek look that gives you back your ceiling. Their diameter generally varies from 3” to 6”.  Decide which recessed or can light to install, there are a few things to consider: What do you want to light? What size fixture do you want? What kind of light bulb do you want to use? Do you need to use a remodel fixture, or can you install a new-construction housing? What about getting the necessary wiring to your new light? 

The most important thing is that we should know the advantage and disadvantage of recessing lighting.Below is the pros and cons of recessed lighting.

1.The light itself is sleek and not visible.
2.Frees up the ceiling space, making your room look and feel bigger than it is.
3.Can act as a spotlight, which is great for displaying art pieces or for small reading areas.
4.The only type of light that can be installed in water-intensive environments.
5.When arranged correctly, can illuminate the entire room and not just the middle of the room.

6.It has no housing and is therefore extremely thin.  It can be used in new construction projects or on remodels.

Recessed lighting is great for kitchens, hallways, shower stalls, home movie theaters, basements, and anywhere there are low ceilings.

1.They are a single directional light to the ground, therefore in order to light up an entire room you’ll need quite a few.
2.A larger hole in your ceiling is required to fit the metal housing which can lead to air leaking through the gaps between the wallboard and the light depending on how they are installed. To fix this problem, The Spruce says you’ll either need an “air-tight recessed lighting or a sealed or IC-rated light that allows for close contact insulation to cover the light.”

Recessed lighting is not great in large rooms where you’ll need to install a lot of them or where you want your light to achieve an aesthetic effect.

Hopefully after reading through the advantage and disadvantage of recessed downlight, you can know whether your space is suitable to use this fixture.


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