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How Many Lumens and Wattage LED High Bay Lights for a warehouse?

How Many Lumens and Wattage LED High Bay Lights for a warehouse?

Many people know choosing high bay LED lights for their warehouse as it’s indeed the best option. But you don't know how many lumens and wattage commercial Led lights need for a warehouse.  As it’s a crucial factor to consider

When installing a lighting system for your warehouse, we decided to do this research and help you figure out exactly what you need to know about the lumen requirement for your warehouse.

Why you need to take some thought of your lumen requirement? While a bright working environment is necessary for a warehouse and other industrial facilities, lighting that’s too bright can cause discomfort to the workers and employees. But if your warehouse is not adequately bright,  it would make it difficult for your workers to work efficiently.So the lumens of your lighting system must be exactly in the range you need, not too little or more.

Tips on figuring out how many warehouse lighting needed?

1.Considering the Size of Your Warehouse

Firstly, you need to do is multiply your warehouse’s length with the width.For example, for a space with a length of 80 feet and width of 50 feet, you need to do 80 times 50, which would give you 4,000 square feet.

2.A retrofit installation or a new installation

In a retrofit installation,  LED lights take up much less energy to deliver the same kind of lighting output than a high power metal halide would. For example, a 200 watt LED high bay light produces the same amount of light as a 500 watt metal halide fixture. Therefore, in a warehouse where the total lighting requirement is of 4000 watts, instead of 8 high bay lights of 500 watt each, we would install of 8 high bay LED lightsof 200 watt each.

In a new installation, one of the important considerations here is the height of the ceiling in the warehouse .

At 10-15 feet you will need a light that gives 10,000-15,000 lumens 

At 15-20 feet you’ll need a light that will give 16,000 to 20,000 lumens

At 25-35 feet you’ll need a light that will give 33,000 lumens

high bay lights installation height

For example, a height of 15 feet, about 12 feet of space is ideal for a bright light. Normal light can be attained with a space of 15 feet instead of 12. Similarly, at a height of 20 feet, a spacing of 15 feet will give bright light and 18 feet will give normal light. At 30 feet, 20 feet of space between the lights will out a bright light whereas 25 feet will give out normal light. 

The type of items or products that will be stored and handled in the warehouse is a very important factor too. 
For warehouses handling large items, the ideal lumen requirement tends to be around 10 lumens per square feet.
For warehouses storing and handling smaller items, this number shoots up to around 30 lumens per square feet.
For aisles, something in between is recommended. So 20 lumens per square feet is the recommended requirement.

Here is some ufo high bay lights suggest for your reference.

high bay lights layout
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