Lightdot high bay light

Lightdot high bay light

2ft high bay led lights

Led high bay lights Specifications

Wattage 150W
Luminous 21500Lm
Brightess Equivalent 6 Lamp T8 Fluorescent 600W.
Input Voltage AC 120V
Color Temperature 5000K
Dimension L605*W320*H86MM
Installation Suspension or Conduit Mount
Material Aeronautical Metal
CRI >90
Efficacy 140LM/W
Lifespan 100000hrs
Temperature Rated -4℉~ +120℉
The high bay light can use for warehouse, stadium, workshop, supermarket, Library.

High bay light fixtures are used to illuminate large indoor spaces with high ceilings. They’re not only designed to produce a bright, clean light from high ceilings, but also deliver a powerful, high quality light source. These LED bay light fixtures are the perfect solution for commercial lighting needs in Exhibition hall, garages, warehouses, gyms, manufacturing space and large retail spaces.

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